2013 goals

I came up short on my 2012 goals of 1) running at least a mile every day, and 2) logging 2,012 miles for the year. This year, my goals are more generalized. My moniker is the ale runner. Unfortunately the last six months or so featured too much of the former and not enough of the latter. This year, I vow to strike more of a balance. I’m gonna up the miles and down the beers. Wait…

My training has been inconsistent, and it goes all the way back to Rouge Orleans in February 2012. I didn’t take the time to recover correctly and came out injured. I just never really got back into a groove. Then I got caught up in trying so many new beers that it honestly hurt my training. I was stuck in a vicious cycle.

This year, I want to get back to my former running self. I want to run to feel good. And reward myself with a brew or two. That will be a change from running to offset the brews I drank. I’m not making any ridiculous restrictions about running a certain number of miles per beer. It’s just going to be a general change in philosophy on my part: more running and fewer nights of multiple high gravity beers.

I don’t have any specific race goals this year. Nor do I really care about races. I want to enjoy running more trail miles just for fun. I have as much fun volunteering at races and helping spread the word on getting people running on trails. I’ll continue that in 2013.

Beer-wise, I still have some great stuff in my beer cellar that I’m really looking forward to enjoying in 2013. 2012 was a great year in that I got to drink some great, great beer. Westvleteren 12, Heady Topper and Dark Lord were all firsts for me last year. Hopefully that will continue this year.

I also started homebrewing in 2012 and plan to up that in 2013. Hopefully I can brew some interesting beers and I would like to enter some homebrew contests.

In short, here’s to another year of  running trails and drinking ales. Cheers.


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