International Stout Day

Thursday November 8th has been deemed International Stout Day. What is Stout Day? It’s nothing more than an excuse for beer lovers to honor the stout style by drinking any style of stout on Thursday.

Join in with other stout fans with the hash tag #StoutDay on Twitter, and see what others are drinking and talking about. The social website Untappd has joined in the fun as well. Check into any kind of stout on Thursday and you’ll be rewarded with a special Stout Day badge.

What can you do for Stout Day? You can hit your local pub or taproom and drink a stout, host or join a group of friends for a stout tasting, enjoy your favorite stout at home, or even better, try a stout you’ve never had before. No matter how you decide to celebrate, just enjoy the malty darkness of the stout style.

How do you plan to celebrate Stout Day? Any special stouts you plan to drink?

Me, I will likely peer into my beer cellar and pull out a stout that’s been aging for a while. I have plenty of options in there. There’s a 2011 Deschutes Abyss, a 2008 Avery Czar, a Jester King pre-farmhouse Black Metal, a Cigar City Marshall Zhukov’s stout, and a few more as well. I will probably hang on to the 2012 Three Floyds Dark Lord a bit longer, even though it will be tempting me. I did put a bottle of my homebrewed peanut butter chocolate stout in the beer fridge earlier. It has been bottle conditioning for almost 2 weeks, so it seems like a good day to check on its progress.

Happy Stout Day tomorrow! Cheers!



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