American Craft Beer Week – Tasting Night

American Craft Beer Week tasting

In celebration of American Craft Beer Week, I hosted a tasting night on Thursday with a few of my closest beer geek buddies. Everyone brought a few beers to try, and we ended up with an impressive list. There were 28 beers that I got to try, most of which I had never tried before. Most of the tastings were 2 to 3 ounces, so we got a good idea of how the beer tasted.

It’s difficult to nail down a favorite among 28 different beers. There were many different styles, so it’s hard to say that this double IPA was better than that imperial stout. With that said, there were several stand outs from the crowd.

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA is a blend of the 60 Minute IPA and 90 Minute IPA, but it’s also brewed with maple syrup. I really enjoyed this one. It was very smooth and well balanced.

De Proef Flemish Primitive Wild Ale (Surly Bird) is a Belgian strong pale ale with some sour hints. It had a nose of banana, but the taste wasn’t overwhelming with only a little tartness.

Southern Tier Mokah is an imperial stout that blends two of their other stouts, Jahva and Choklat. The result is a fantastic tasting malted milk ball bomb that really overshadowed some of the other imperial stouts that we were looking forward to.

Russian River Pliny the Elder. Need I say more?

Founders Breakfast Stout versus Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout. We had to taste the differences between these two. The KBS is aged in bourbon barrels, and gets a very boozy taste because of it. I honestly preferred the regular Breakfast Stout over the KBS, but I’m really glad I got to try it.

Dogfish Head Worldwide Stout 2010 aged versus 2011. I really had a hard time telling these two apart. The 2011 was slightly more carbonated. But that’s about it. At 18% ABV, a small taste was all I needed.

Terrapin Hoptaneous Combustion is a smoked imperial IPA. I’m usually not a fan of smoked beers, but this one was really good.

Russian River Sanctification is a wild ale that’s decently sour.

The full list of what we had is below:

Stone/Ninkasi/The Alchemist More Brown Than Black IPA

Bear Republic/Fat Head/Stone TBA

Homebrewed Watermelon Wheat

Big Boss Hell’s Belle

Russian River Damnation

Anchorage Brewinng Galaxy White IPA

Stillwater Cellar Door

Saint Arnold Divine Reserve #11

Ninkasi Tricerahops DIPA

Yazoo Hop Project #64

Terrapin Phlux Capacitor

Terrapin Hoptaneous Combustion

Dogfish Head 75 Minute IPA

Terrapin Big Hoppy Monster

Russian River Pliny The Elder

BrewDog / Stone Bashah

Victory Yakima Glory

De Proef Flemish Primitive Wild Ale (Surly Bird)

Russian River Sactification

Mikkeller Beer Geek Brunch Weasel

Southern Tier Mokah

Clown Shoes Blaecorn Unidragon

Founders Breakfast Stout

Founders Kentucky Breakfast Stout

Drake’s Brewing Drakonic

Stone Imperial Russian Stout 2012

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout (2011)

Dogfish Head World Wide Stout (2010)


Hope your American Craft Beer Week has been as good as mine!



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