Tin Roof Zythos Hop Project

The last several years have seen an explosion of new craft breweries nationwide. And while it’s hard to argue that more beer is a bad thing, there is one unexpected problem cropping up. Some of the best, and thus, most popular varieties of hops are becoming harder to find. And that’s also the reason you may not be able to find your favorite IPA year round. There’s just not enough hop availability, particularly Amarillo, Centennial, Citra, and Simcoe hops. The larger craft breweries are able to secure their hops years in advance with contracts, but what does that mean for the smaller brewers?

One potential solution could be a new proprietary blend hop from Hop Union, one of the main supplier of hops for the craft brewing industry. This hop blend, called Zythos, was created to mimic the rare Amarillo hops. And that’s where Tin Roof Brewing Company comes in. According to Tin Roof brewmaster, Tom Daigrepont, Zythos Hop Project “is something we decided on doing to determine the bitterness, flavor, and aroma aspects” of this new Zythos hop blend. Daigrepont went on to add, “we decided to take 10 gallons of Perfect Tin Amber recipe and use nothing but Zythos hops all the way through. The result will be ‘Krewe of Zythos Perfect Tin Amber,’ to be served at Avenue Pub in New Orleans on Thursday, May 17th during American Craft Beer Week.”

What’s the result taste like? Well, you’ll just have to head on over to the Avenue Pub on May 17th to find out.


One thought on “Tin Roof Zythos Hop Project

  1. You know what would be sweet? A recipe for 5.5 gallons of this beer! I have 3 oz of Zythos I plan to use as late and dry hop additions in a blonde ale, bittering with 0.5 oz of Warrior. Sure would like to see what they come up with, though. I haven’t used any Zythos as of yet.

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