The Dark Arts


Anyone who has paid attention to my beer preferences, can tell you that I’m a fan of Belgian style ales. And no other brewery in the US does Belgian styles as well as Ommegang. So, it was with great anticipation that I finally got to try their new special release, Art of Darkness.

Art of Darkness is a malty and sweet ale, that although dark in color, goes down very smoothly. It pours a very dark brown, with a tan head. The carbonation is very apparent and sticks around throughout. The aroma is very mild, yet reminiscent of dried fruits. The taste is also mild, with no one overpowering flavor. The biscuity malts are there, but blended well with the caramel and raisin flavor. The 8.9% ABV is not overpowering at all and well hidden with a touch of warmth at the back end.

All in all, this is a fantastic ale. I’d love to see Ommegang add this one to their regular lineup, because it’s got such a pleasing flavor especially given how mild it is. I will definitely grab a couple more to age for later and see how well they mature.


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