Almost there

So when I last left you, I had run a ridiculously fast 5K late on a Thursday night. Well, my knee felt alright the next day. On Saturday, I headed up to Chicot State Park with my good friend Kristin to help out with the Forge Racing Bushwhacker Adventure Race, which was held on Sunday. We got there late in the afternoon, tested out a couple of zip lines, then went for a run on the trails with Forge Racing founder, Jeff Beck, before it got dark. We had enough daylight to squeeze in about 8 miles on those trails. I ran well, and my knee didn’t bother me a whole lot. I managed to get some great pictures as well, since I took my CamelBak, meaning I had room to stash my phone. Check out some of the pics from running, as well as our very tough job volunteering at the race on Sunday.

My knee was a bit sore at times on Sunday, but some of that could be because I let it get stiff sitting in a canoe for 5 1/2 hours.

Monday evening, I was able to run just over 5 miles at a 6:43 pace through my neighborhood. It was warm, but that run kicked my tail. Miles 4 and 5 were tough. I realized then just how much fitness I’d lost through a combination of training for distance rather then speed and then taking time off for injury. But, fortunately, my knee felt fine.

Tuesday evening, I ran a 5K distance at Happy’s downtown, and finished in 19:14. Again, although I ran it fast, my lungs and body hurt doing it. But, no knee problems.

This morning, I went out and ran 6.15 miles in 45 minutes. I held a consistent 7:30 pace, which wasn’t nearly as taxing on me as the previous runs. I picked it up a bit in the last mile or so in an attempt to get in under 45 minutes (I missed by 9 seconds), but I felt good. My knee was a little bothersome during the day today, though. It didn’t really hurt, per se, but I notice it.

So, I’d say that I’m about 85% recovered from my ITB injury now. Trying to be smart and schedule rest days is tough for me, but I know I have to do it. So, I won’t run Friday, in anticipation of 10-12 miles on the trails early Saturday morning. It sure is great to be back running, which is something I sorely missed for the last month or so. Hopefully, I’ll be able to jump back into regular training soon, as I’m less than 2 months out from the Oak Mountain trail marathon and the Leadville Trail Marathon is 3 months from tomorrow.


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