Westvleteren 12 gift pack update

See the June update on Westvleteren 12 gift packs here.

The long rumored limited US release of the rare Belgian Trappist ale, Westvleteren XII, has been pushed back to June, according to reports. They will be sold in gift packs which will include six bottles and two commemorative glasses, and the Abbey has set a target retail price of $85 per gift pack.

The release is intended to raise proceeds for the Abbey’s restoration project, and will be a one-time event. Two separate distributors will handle the approximately 15,000 gift packs that the United States will receive. Each distributor (Shelton Brothers and Manneken-Brussels Imports) will get just over 7,700 gift packs, but it’s unclear how that will be allocated to each state.

I’m hoping to get my hands on one of the gift packs at the retail price. Westvleteren XII is a fantastic strong ale, and I’m fortunate to have a couple more bottles of it that I’m hanging on to. Hopefully I can replenish that stock this summer, as well as get a couple of the commemorative chalices.

Read more details of the Westvleteren XII release here, courtesy of Beerpulse.com


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