The End of a Streak

I set two goals for the year 2012. One of them was to run at least 2,012 miles this year. The other was to run at least one mile every day for the entire year. I blazed through the month of January with flying colors, running a total of 215 miles and easily hitting my daily goal. February came and the streak continued. The total mileage came down as I prepped for Rouge Orleans, then I ran 68 miles in less than 24 hours. And the recovery from that race hasn’t been exactly as planned. And I think the streak has hurt that recovery. While I’ve been used to running high mileage days and weeks, the total number of miles run on that Saturday and Sunday was well more than anything I’ve ever attempted.

I’ve struggled with ankle and knee problems since then. A trip to a great physical therapist, Gloria Wall of GO Physical Therapy, confirmed that I have posterior tibialis tendonitis in my ankle. And my ITB pain is directly attributable to that. I’ve been religiously doing the ankle exercises she gave me, and trying to roll my IT band with the Trigger Point Grid roller. And I’ve run every day through it all. Some days, I’ve run only a mile. Others I’ve gone further. Some days my ankle and ITB feel alright, while others it’s a battle just to run that mile.

Saturday I’m scheduled to run the Mississippi 50 just south of Laurel, Mississippi. Yes, a 50 mile trail race through the DeSoto National Forest. On a bum ankle and painful IT band.

That’s why the streak has to stop. While it’s disappointing to let one of my goals go, I have to focus on some other goals. I’ve got this race to run Saturday, followed by the FORGE Headhunter 10K  next Saturday. I’ve already registered for the XTERRA Oak Mountain trail marathon on May 20th just outside of Birmingham, Alabama. And I’ve got another destination race or two planned for this summer. I can’t afford to keep running hurt. Plus, it just plain sucks not being able to run like I want to. I miss running fast, I miss running long through the woods, I miss just the sheer joy of getting out and running. Right now, all my focus is on my ankle and knee and how to run without hurting. That’s no way to run.

So that’s why the streak stops now. 57 days in 2012. 58 days overall. 400 miles. It was fun while it lasted. And I’ll try it again. Someday.


3 thoughts on “The End of a Streak

  1. I think you are smart to take a break from the streak. Better to rest a day or few now rather than be forced to take months off for a stress fracture or other long term injury. Good luck in your race this weekend.

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