Ommegang Seduction


Ommegang is a brewery from Cooperstown, NY that only became available to us in Louisiana in the second half of 2011. Although they are an American brewery, they do a great job of replicating Belgian-style ales. Among their regular lineup are BPA (Belgian Pale Ale), Ommegang Abbey, Hennepin, a farmhouse saison, and Three Philosophers, a Belgian Quadrupel.

Ommegang also produces a handful of specialty brews, among¬†them Seduction. Seduction is a Belgian-style porter brewed with Callebut chocolate and Liefmans cherries. It is a rich and malty brew that is both smooth and warming. It weighs in at only 6.8% ABV, so it isn’t overly powerful.

Seduction is sold in limited edition 750mL bottles and I’ve also had it on draught at the Barley Oak in Mandeville. But get it while it lasts, because it won’t be around long.

Seduction gets a solid 4 out of 5 bottle caps from me.


2 thoughts on “Ommegang Seduction

  1. Ohhhhhh I have to try that. I’m going to look for it at Acqustapace’s in Covington. They have an awesomely large selection of craft beers. My beers fo rthe RO included Mackson Triple Stour and Lazy Magnolia Ginger Jaques – both worth a try.

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