Update on New Balance 730’s


Here is a follow up to the post a couple of days ago about the New Balance 730’s.

I had intended to test them out on Saturday morning, but the monsoon we had all day told me I should wait a day and wear them for a dry run. I did wear them for much of the day Saturday around the house, to a neighbor’s birthday party, and on a trip to the grocery store. They are very comfy for just casual wear shoes and they feel absolutely flat, despite the purported 3mm drop. There is only token cushioning, but more so than the Minimus trails. The toe box is roomy and shouldn’t give anyone issues with pinched toes.

I set out this morning for a 10 mile run around my neighborhood in them. They worked exactly how I thought they would. Just a nice flexible, no frills shoe with minimal drop and just a touch of cushioning. I think these would make for a great road racing shoe up to a half marathon distance, since they are very light and there’s just not much to them. There is no insole, so these could easily be worn sockless (I went with my DryMax Hyper Thin socks).

There were only 2 issues, neither of which were bothersome. Like the 110 trail shoes, the tongue is only stitched to the upper at the base. So it did tend to move around and to the side a bit. That didn’t bother me running, but it did slightly annoy my OCD symmetry issues. The laces are the flat type and one of them came untied during the run. A double knot easily fixed that.

In all, this is a great no frills minimal road shoe from New Balance. I will definitely put these into the rotation, which will help spare the tread on my trail shoes, since I have been hitting the roads a good bit in my 110’s lately. They are also great casual wear shoes. The normal warnings about taking it easy when wearing low drop shoes for the first time definitely apply here. As I said, these could pass as zero drop shoes if I didn’t know otherwise. These may save me from buying the new Minimus Zero line, which is due out in March.


4 thoughts on “Update on New Balance 730’s

  1. Very Cool

    Thanks for your report. It looks like we are wearing the exact same shoes. I just found a pair of the 730’s onilne at the finish line for $55.00 snapped them up and looking forward to running in them next week

  2. Hey! Thanks for the review 🙂

    How is the sizing – Did you size up?

    Do you know how it is relative to the MT101 or the MR00?


    1. I wear a size 12, which is pretty much where I fall in the entire New Balance line. There’s more room in the toe box than there was in the MT101’s. I always had issues with blisters on my pinky toes in those. Haven’t tried the MR00’s yet, but they sure do look very similar in style to these 730’s.

      I’m wearing another pair as casual shoes even as I type this.

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