New Balance 730 initial impressions



I got home today to find a box on my front porch. Inside was a pair of the newly released New Balance 730 shoes that I ordered from Running Warehouse for $63 shipped.

These shoes seem to be a great light option for runners wanting minimal drop in a road shoe. They are built on the same platform as the Minimus, and use the same mesh in the upper. However, they do have more cushion underfoot. From the picture, you can see just how flexible they are even with that cushion. Walking around the house, they are very comfy with ample room in the toe box. They have only 3mm of heel to toe drop and my size 12’s weigh in at only 8.125 ounces. By way of comparison, my Minimus trails weigh in at 8.375 ounces and my 110’s are 8.875 ounces.

I’ll give them a whirl tomorrow, but the New Balance snob in me says I’m probably going to love these shoes, especially on longer road runs.


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