Parish Brewing: Ghost in the Machine

Back in December of last year, I posted my Top 13 Beers from Louisiana in 2013. At the end of that piece, I made a request. “If any of you breweries are reading this, here’s my 2014 request: I want a really kick ass IPA. I want something that people from other states will be clamoring to get. Something not too bitter, but bursting with aroma and flavor. Let’s put Louisiana on the map with a great IPA!”

Well, it didn’t take long for this to come to fruition. Parish Brewing has released the double IPA I’ve been clamoring for from a Louisiana brewery. Ghost in the Machine is not only the IPA I’ve been looking for, but it instantly shoots to the top of the list of best beers brewed in Louisiana. This is the beer that puts Louisiana on the map. Other parts of the country have fantastic IPAs, and until now, nobody has had anything remotely close to this, not only in Louisiana, but as far as I’m concerned, the Southeast in general. Sure, there are some solid double IPAs around. Saint Arnold’s Endeavour, Lazy Magnolia’s Timber Beast and Good People’s Snake Handler are a few that come to mind. Ghost in the Machine easily eclipses them all.

The aroma alone, is trance inducing. On my first opportunity to try it, I must have just sat there smelling it for 2 or 3 minutes. Hops, glorious hops. They should make candles that smell like this. There’s a big citrus hop aroma that’s just dank. Many beers have a nice aroma, but few can achieve this level of dank-ness. Is that a word? Well, I just made it one. The taste then follows suit. There’s an initial punch of hop flavor unlike anything else brewed around here, but it settles into an easy finish with a touch of malt sweetness. It is such an easy beer to drink for 8.5% ABV. Did I mention that it was hoppy?

This is my public offer of congratulations to Parish Brewing owner and brewmaster, Andrew Godley, for making a beer that can really be considered a world class IPA. Thank you for putting Louisiana on the map. And please keep making this beer as often as you can. And other breweries in Louisiana, take note. This is how you make a double IPA. Parish has further solidified itself as the best brewery in the state. They were already there, in my opinion, but they just put some distance between themselves and everybody else with this release.

Ghost in the Machine can be found in very limited supplies of 750ml bottles and on tap at select bars. Or visit the Parish Brewing tasting room in Broussard, LA.