Ayinger Celebrator

The following is my column that appears in the April 17th edition of DIG Magazine.

If you ever find yourself in need of a respite from hoppy beers, a great place to begin is with a German Dopplebock. Ayinger Celebrator is full of malty goodness and is the gold standard when it comes to dense yet smooth style.

Celebrator pours a deep opaque brown with a touch of ruby and a frothy head that remains in the glass nearly the entire time you drink it. It smells of dried fruit, rich molasses and dark bread. As you sip, you will notice that the taste matches its aromas, with hints of brown sugar, raisin and even chocolate coming through. With a smooth finish, the moutfeel is rich and creamy without any hop bitterness.

Ayinger Celebrator is a fixture in Beer Advocate’s Top 100 Beers and with good reason. This is a wonderful representation of the style, and at 6.7 percent ABV, will allow you to enjoy a couple in a sitting. Pair this with buttery cheeses like Brie and Gouda, as well as with roasted or grilled game meats.

Ayinger Celebrator is sold in four-packs of 11.2 ounce bottles for about $12. Find it at Calandro’s, Matherne’s, Cuban Liquor and other fine retailers.

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